About Bill

121705WFSPortraitBill Shuster grew up in Everett, Pennsylvania on his family’s farm. As a young man he helped around the farm, and learned the importance of hard work and determination in meeting one’s goals.

Bill played quarterback at Everett High School and went on to attend Dickinson College in Carlisle and earned his MBA from American University in Washington DC. After that, Bill went to work for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Corporation and Bandag Incorporated, where he served as District Manager.

Bill knows what its like to sign the other side of a paycheck too, having owned and operated an automobile dealership in East Freedom, Pennsylvania. Owning his own business taught him a lot about the challenges government puts on small business, as well as what customer service means to those you serve. These are lessons he brings to work with him everyday in our nation’s capital.

In 2001, Bill Shuster announced his campaign to represent the people of Pennsylvania’s 9th District. After winning a special election, Congressman Shuster has gone on to be re-elected every two years since by wide margins.

As a Member of Congress, Bill has focused on bringing greater opportunity and a higher standard of living to the people of the 9th Congressional District. Bill has made economic development a top priority during his time in Congress, including fighting for tax relief for small businesses and regulatory reform that limits the interference of Government into the private sector.

One of Bill’s passions while in Congress has been transportation and infrastructure policy. Bill has served on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee since being elected in 2001, and in the 113th Congress was honored to be elevated to the position of Chairman of the committee.

Bill has also been a loud voice for our men and women serving our country as a member of the Armed Services Committee. He is a recognized leader on national security issues and has been a leading voice for transforming our military into one that is ready to fight the War on Terror, especially the threat of Islamic fundamentalism.

Bill has also been a conservative leader in his caucus, standing up to President Obama and for the taxpayers of the United States. Bill voted against Obamacare and has voted more than 60 times to repeal it. He also helped lead the fight against the President’s “stimulus” bill and has called for real reform of our regulatory system to stop Obama’s War on Coal.