Indiana Gazette: Shuster a Tireless Conservative

The following letter appeared in the Indiana Gazette:

I’ve spent much of my life working to advance conservative causes in Indiana County.

I’ve been involved with several conservative groups and am active in the Homer City community.

I know a good elected official when I see one — and I know Congressman Bill Shuster has been a tireless advocate for Indiana County, and I’m asking my friends and neighbors to join me in supporting him on April 26.

Shuster has a record that is unmatched for conservatives.

In this 2016 primary election he is the only candidate endorsed by the NRA. He is also the only candidate endorsed by the National Right to Life Committee and PA Pro Life Federation. Shuster is 100 percent opposed to amnesty and a leader in the pro-life movement.

He also cares deeply about this community and does as much as he can for his constituents. Every chance I see him, he always takes the time to ask me how I am and how my family is. That’s not a man just wanting a vote, but one that knows us and works hard for us.

Having our two sons, niece and her husband serving in the military and seeing Congressman Shuster going to both Iraq and Afghanistan to show his support for our young men and women gave me some comfort to know he cares.

One of my best memories was the time when a young soldier from our community had just finished his combat tour in Iraq only to find out his grandmother was dying. He was on his way back to his base in Italy and was told the only way he could come home was if it was a parent or sibling. After contacting Congressman Shuster, our young hero was on his way home in a few days to pay his last respects.

I am involved with conservatism because I care about advancing conservative solutions.

I believe the best and only person to do that in this race is Congressman Bill Shuster, someone with an A rating from the NRA and a 100 percent pro-life voting record.

I ask my fellow Indiana County residents to consider this when voting on April 26.

Theodore P. Predko

Homer City