Tea Party Nation Endorses Shuster

16-SHU-FB_TeaParty_v2Tea Party Nation Endorses Shuster for Congress

Hollidaysburg, PA – Just days before the April 26 Republican primary election in Pennsylvania’s 9th Congressional District, Congressman Bill Shuster received another powerful endorsement. Tea Party Nation, a group of Constitutional and limited government conservatives, endorsed Shuster for re-election and called on 9th District voters to support him for several conservative accomplishments during his current term in office. They posted the following on their website today:

“Today, Tea Party Nation endorses Bill Shuster of Pennsylvania for reelection as their Congressman from the 9th Congressional District.

Congressman Shuster has worked with us extensively on IRS reforms the past year. He was crucial helping us get Gift Tax reform passed. He is working with us on further IRS reform this year.

Congressman Shuster is a conservative Republican. He is pro-life. He opposes Amnesty for illegal aliens. He is against homosexual marriage. He supports lower taxes, smaller government and is against the insane green pork spending that the Obama Regime loves.

Congressman Shuster is leading the charge to modernize the Federal Aviation Administration. While Americans fly on 21st century aircraft, the air traffic control system relies on 1950’s technology. One of the components of Congressman Shuster’s FAA modernization is to move 40,000 government air traffic controllers into a private corporation and off the government payroll.

Congressman Shuster is facing a primary contest from a guy named Art Halvorson. Halvorson is running as a Tea Party candidate. Unfortunately, Halvorson has no track record as an elected official. Therein lies the problem. When you have someone who has never held elected office before, you simply do not know what they will do when they get in office. Occasionally there is a compelling case to remove a bad elected official with someone who has never held office before. But that is not the case here.

Congressman Shuster has a good conservative record, fighting for smaller government. He has done a good job in the United States Congress and we urge the voters of the 9th Congressional District to return him to Congress for two more years.”

Shuster continues to gain steam as Republicans from many different backgrounds announce their public support for his campaign. All conservatives are encouraged to cast their vote for Bill Shuster for Congress on Tuesday, April 26 when polls open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.